Airport Closure Markers

They are an extremely important product for airport construction projects. Airport closure markers are specifically used to close off taxiways, helipads, or runways. Depending on what type of construction is taking place, a specific closure marker will be necessary to complete the work.

It goes without saying, construction projects where a runway needs to be closed will require a runway closure marker. Depending on the duration of the work, the job may call for a fabric runway closure marker, or a lighted runway closure marker.

Fabric Runway Closure Markers 10×60

A fabric runway closure marker is an economical way to shut down a runway. This type of closure marker is called out to be 10’x60′. Fabric closure markers can be secured to the surface a couple different ways. The runway closure marker typically has grommets spaced along the perimeter of the X allowing stakes to be driven through in order to stake the X to the ground. In some cases, sand bags can also be used to weigh the X down to keep it from moving out of position. Our fabric runway closure markers can be found here

In other cases, the airport engineer may require a lighted runway closure marker to be used. A lighted runway closure marker offers a far more effective method for warning pilots approaching the airport that a runway is shut down.

Lighted Runway X

A lighted runway closure marker is typically a diesel generator powering highly visible lights situated around the arms of the X. Our lighted runway closure markers are in rental inventory and can be found here.

Taxiway Closure Marker 5×30

Our taxiway closure markers are made from the same material as the runway closure markers. The taxiway closure markers are 5×30 in size, and can also be used to close a helipad. Our fabric taxiway closure markers and helipad closure markers can be found here.

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