Open Top Delineator 42″

  • Available for purchase or rent. Send quantities to the bid room for quote.
  • Rubber Bases available in 8 lb and 12 lb weights
  • UV stabilizers to ensure they hold their color in the harshest conditions
  • Recessed area to protect reflective sheeting
  • 3M Prismatic Reflective Sheeting
  • Strong consistent lip at the base to ensure snug fit with base
  • Two different sizes are offered 42″ and 28″
  • When used in conjunction with the JBC cone bar, you can create a barrier in seconds

Airport Barricades takes pride in offering the best brands the traffic industry has to offer. The Open Top Delineator 42 product by JBC Safety is no exception.

The Open Top Delineator manufactured by JBC Safety, was designed to have a more robust (durable) lip around the base. This feature allows for added strength when grabbing the barricade while the weighted base is connected. The body of the delineator has less reinforcement making the barricade softer. This is designed to allow the Open Top delineator to rebound easier when struck by a vehicle.

The Diamond Top section of the delineator allows for easy handling of the barricade and also allows for caution tape to be tied off to create a perimeter, or temporary barrier.

Open Top Delineator 42" Features

  • 3M Prismatic reflective sheeting
  • Made of a special LDPE formula.
  • These Delineators are strong where you need them to be and flexible enough to bounce back from tough impacts.
  • Portable. The Open Top Delineators come with either an 8 or 12 lb. base. This makes for easy set up and take down. Our bases are re-vulcanized rubber and have a nice clean look to them
  • Tubes have UV stabilizers to ensure they hold their color in the harshest conditions
  • These delineators have a fantastic price point and make for an inexpensive option to help with vehicle and crowd control
  • Available in Black, Yellow, Lime, Blue, White, Green and now Red. (Minimum order rule may apply)

If you are interested in renting airport barricades, or any of our other traffic control products, we offer nationwide shipments using custom designed steel cages. The cages allow the end user to store the airport barricade materials inside cage once the project has been completed. The shipping cages eliminate the need for contractors to palletize, band, and shrink wrap our barricades for the trip home. We let the contractors do what they do best, and leave the logistical hassles for us.

If you have questions on how to rent our airport barricades, or questions about lead times, pricing or anything else related to your upcoming project or bid, contact us today.

For rental and purchase pricing on our airport barricade products, be sure to contact the bid room! Our quotes typically have a same-day turn around.


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