L853 Airport Marker (Surface Mounted)

Type II L853 Airport Marker

FAA approved, retroreflective, type II airport markers. Used commonly for runway and taxiway edge lighting.

  • Available in blue, white, orange, yellow, green, and red colors.
  • Heights available are: 14″, 24″, 30″ & 36″
  • Surface mounts & ground stake mounts available.
  • Temporary butyl pads & permanent thermos heating pads available


L853 Airport Marker (Surface Mounted)

L853 Airport markers are commonly used at airports as a method for providing edge lighting on taxiways and runways. Edge lighting is necessary for pilots to be able to see the edge of runways and taxiways when lighting conditions are limited. Common situations where lighting can be limited would be, fog, snow storms, rain storms, night, or even during sunset and sunrise.

When to use the reflective airport marker

The most common form of airport edge lighting typically seen are LED lights which are powered by either an electrical circuit, or solar panels on board the light fixture itself. However, in some cases, a retroreflective airport marker is called for in the airport plans by the airport engineer. This is when you will want to use the L-853 type II retroreflective marker. The type 2, retroreflective, L-853 airport marker is specifically reserved for edge lighting on taxiways and airport runways. The Type 2 L-853 is not intended to be used for centerline lighting. Centerline lighting is reserved for Type I reflectors.

The L-853 airport marker comes with either surface mounts, or ground stake mounts. The surface mount is great when airports with asphalt or concrete surfaces are available. If asphalt, or concrete is not available where the edge lights are needed, stake mounts are the better option. When using the surface mount option, you will also want to purchase either butyl pads, or thermos pads. The pads attach the plastic reflector mount to the surface.

Installing the reflective markers

In order to attach the surface mount, you will first need to know if the reflector will be a permanent mount, or a temporary mount. If the application is temporary, you can use what is a called a butyl pad. This pad is a double-sided adhesive square that will stick to the concrete or asphalt, as well as the base of the L-853 marker.

For a permanent installation, you will want to use a thermos pad. When using the permanent thermos pad, you will want to heat the pad as well as the ground where you intend to install the surface mount. When both the ground, and thermos pad are heated correctly, the thermos pad will begin to melt. Once the pad is sufficiently melted, you apply the surface mount to the pad.

When installing the ground mount, first assemble the stake and the reflector together. Once assembled, you can easily drive the entire unit into the ground.

FAA Specifications

The L853 airport has been approved for use according FAA specifications. If you are interested in reading through those specs, you can read about the Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program here.

Height options

You can also choose to purchase the L853 marker in several different heights. Heights available are, 14" 24", 3o", and 36". You will want to double check the project plans or specs to decide which height to purchase.

Color options

The Type II L-853 Airport marker comes standard with blue reflective sheeting, but you can also choose between, blue, white, red, green, yellow, and orange colors.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

14", 24", 30", 36"


Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green


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