Lighted Runway Closure X


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Our Lighted Runway Closure Marker is an effective and oftentimes required system of warning pilots of closed airport runways and taxiways. The lighted runway closure marker is a trailered diesel engine that runs 20 spotlights to form an illuminated “X”. The lighted runway closure marker can be seen as far as 25 miles. The trailer-mounted unit can easily be towed behind a vehicle using a standard ball hitch, or pintle hitch. The “X” can be lowered back down to the trailer and folded in order to make transportation easier.

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A lighted runway closure X is often necessary when runways are shut down for maintenance. Our lighted x-markers can be sourced for rent or purchase. Be sure to add this product to your quote package. Before you submit the RFQ to our bid room , be sure to select rental, purchase, or both.

When is a lighted runway closure marker needed?

According to FAA Specifications,  a Lighted Runway Closure X is needed in the following situations:

“There have been instances of aircraft landing on runways that are temporarily closed for maintenance or snow removal operations. The likelihood of unintended landings increases during periods of reduced visibility and at night whenever runway lighting must be on for electrical maintenance or snow removal. The lighted runway closure marker is intended to eliminate ambiguity concerning the status of the runway and to reduce instances of aircraft landing on temporarily closed runways. This AC is based on FAA Technical Center report number DOT/FAA/CT-TN87/3.”

Our lighted Runway Closure Marker is a very effective product and is used to warn aircraft of closed runways and taxiways. The lights from the closure marker which is powered by a diesel engine can be seen from 25 miles away. The Runway Closure Marker is

Runway Closure Marker Features & Benefits

  • ETL certified to FAA AC 150/5345-55, Engineering Brief 67, AC 150/5370-2 and NTSB Safety Recommendation A-03-05
  • 3-year, 3,000-hour engine warranty
  • Easily set up by one person in less than 5 minutes, without tools
  • Four folding arms each open to a 14-foot length
  • 20 spotlights deliver over 70,000 candelas at beam center
  • Visible 10-25 miles from runway under average conditions
  • Selectable brightness levels to suit environmental conditions
  • Photocell dimming for night operation
  • Four rear-mounted lamps allow visual monitoring from back side
  • Powered by a three-cylinder, liquid-cooled Mitsubishi diesel engine and Marathon brushless generator
  • Operates 140 hours between fuel fills
  • Highway tow-able, with a standard 2” hitch coupler
  • 2200-pound, DOT-compliant trailer
  • 3 swivel leveling jacks, one tongue jack
  • Adjustable light beam angle
  • Optional rear hitch, allows tandem towing of 2 units