Airport Cone 36″ 15 lb

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*10 lb bases, or 12 lb bases perfect for airport construction.

*Bases are made from 100% recycled rubber.

*Proprietary friction design offering better traction.

*Cone bodies are made from PVC injection molded plastic.

*Outstanding UV ray protection allowing the cone color to maintain year after year.

* 3M reflective collars, 6″ & 4″

*Product Specifications located here

Airport Traffic Cones

A 36″ airport cone is among some of the tallest cones available for airport construction. When it comes to durability, injection molded cones can withstand some of the worst abuse in the field. Repeated impacts from tug carts and construction vehicles are what these traffic cones are designed to withstand.

One of the primary concerns with traffic control devices at airport projects is if they are properly weighed down. Having a sufficient amount of weight, allows for minimized foreign object debris, (FOD) in the airport construction zone. At, you will find 10 lb, 12 lb, and 15 lb bases available for purchase.

*Enjoy free shipping on full pallet quantities!

*Traffic cones offered at come with 100% recycled rubber bases.

*You will also notice the bases have a proprietary design which is meant to offer superior traction.

*Our cone bodies are made from PVC injection molded plastic, and offer outstanding UV ray protection allowing the cone color to maintain year after year.

*Our traffic cones come with 3M reflective collars, 6″ & 4″ to allow the best visibility during day, and night operations.

Why use airport cones for your project?

In the most common situations, an airport cone is best suited for temporary construction work, (Meaning, less than 12 hour work period). Most often, airport traffic cones are needed during daylight operations. If a phase of your construction project is estimated to run longer than 12 hours into the night, an alternative traffic control device may be necessary. You may possibly be interested in something with a solar powered light, or a low profile airport barricade for nighttime operations.

Traffic Cone Certifications:


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