Airport Barricade Safety Flag

Airport Barricade Flag Features & Benefits

*Meets requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 150-5370-2G 

*Part of a 100% FOD-free system when used with the AR10x96 Low-Profile Airport Barricade

*Highly visible

*Fiberglass dowel

*Interchangeable flag

*Active retention secures flag

The Airport Barricade Safety Flag was designed in collaboration with the Salt Lake City International Airport in an effort to reduce the costs associated with barricade flags creating FOD on the airfield. The dowel material is fiberglass – while many others use wooden dowels that are easily snapped, our material is both lightweight and extremely strong. Our newly developed active retention design securely holds the dowel in place while the safety flag material itself utilizes a heat-weld process to form a robust, highly tear-resistant product which reduces replacement costs long term.

Our airport barricade safety flags are the superior choice when your project calls for highly-visible warning markers. It was specifically designed to create a FOD-free environment by integrating with our low profile airport barricade without any additional fasteners or bolts.

Airport Barricade Safety Flag Features & Benefits

  • Meets requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 150-5370-2G
  • Part of a 100% FOD-free system when used with the AR10x96 Low-Profile Barricade
  • Highly visible
  • Fiberglass dowel
  • Interchangeable flag
  • Active retention secures flag offers competitive rental and purchase pricing for Low Profile Airport Barricades and related products. Give us a call for your next project so we can help you get equipped for the job.

If you are interested in renting airport barricades, or any of our other traffic control products, we offer nationwide shipments using custom designed steel cages. The cages allow the end user to store the airport barricade materials inside cage once the project has been completed. The shipping cages eliminate the need for contractors to palletize, band, and shrink wrap our barricades for the trip home. We let the contractors do what they do best, and leave the logistical hassles for us.

If you have questions on how to rent our airport barricades, or questions about lead times, pricing or anything else related to your upcoming project or bid, contact us today.

For rental and purchase pricing on low profile airport barricades, be sure to contact the bid room! Our quotes typically have a same-day turn around.


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